My name is Mike Wellik. I’m adding this page to some of my sites because I am nearing retirement age. I don’t intend to retire and fade away. I will continue being involved with research involving gourmet strawberries. I also intend to continue selling seeds and plants. I don’t see myself counting seeds when I’m an old man but I can continue to market seeds and plants.

I would like to hear from you if you have an interest in selling gourmet strawberry seeds and/or plants. We now use an ecommerce platform that makes affiliate marketing relatively easy. We don’t want to open a full blown affiliate program where just anyone can become an affiliate. We are looking for “affiliate partners” who are willing to do more than take orders and collect payments. Partners who can contribute their knowledge and skills to making gourmet strawberries more accessible to consumers.

If you have an interest in the gourmet strawberry business of seeds and/or plants we are open to working with committed individuals. We are willing to listen to what you are looking for and what you have to offer. For example, someone already in the business who has connections to seed envelope printers and even better yet seed envelope fillers we’d like to partner with you. We can find common ground. We want to expand this business. And, whether we are ready or not it is expanding. Consumers are demanding control of what they eat and they don’t want to eat store bought cardboard strawberries any longer.

Let’s face the truth. It is expensive to ship plants cross country. If you have a local or regional business involving plant or seed sales and are looking for unique products that consumers are looking for, contact me at mike@thestrawberrystore.com. We’ll put our heads together to see if working together can bring gourmet strawberries to more consumers than we could separately.


Welcome to a Whole New World of Strawberry Flavor